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Don’t Let your Plumbing System Scare you This Season!

Avoid Costly Repairs & Spooky Inconveniences this Halloween in the Metro Atlanta Area

It’s the spookiest time of the year and you don’t even have to be in a haunted house to be scared silly! Right around Halloween and the months of fall, your home plumbing system can do some very creepy things… At Fulton Plumbing, we wanted to take a couple minutes to share with you some tips and suggestions so you can keep your plumbing system safe and healthy all season long! A lot of scary hazards can occur in your home so make sure that you are prepared to avoid clogged drainsandclogged garbage disposals, leaky toilets, leaky pipes, frozen and cracked pipes, howling and clamoring pipes, phantom toilet flushing… and more! Let our plumbing contractors at Fulton Plumbing take the scare out of your plumbing system today!


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Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls… or Just Some Loud Pipes!

Banging pipes in your home can make you think you’re not alone! If you’re home sounds more like a haunted house than the quiet, relaxing place you once knew it to be, call us! Loud pipes are a big annoyance in the home and clamoring, howling and whistling pipes can cause you some sleepless nights. At Fulton Plumbing, we can perform pipe repairs or determine what type of problem you are dealing with to restore a little peace – and peace of mind – in your home today! Check out our Pipe Installation and Relining Services today.


Phantom Flushing:

Are you afraid you have ghosts and ghouls using your bathroom? Chances are… you don’t! Phantom flushing of your toilet is not really flushing at all, although it may sound like it is. It actually is the sound that you hear when your toilet is topping off the water in the tank periodically. This happens when your toilet tank has a leak somewhere and the toilet is trying to replace the water that has been lost inside your tank. If you thought you had house guests from the other side… you’re in the clear! However, you should call us today and let our toilet repair technicians and learn about our leak detection services to fix your leaky toilet today!


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The Grave Danger of Frosty Freezes:

The fall can give you the chills… especially when the weather shifts and the biting wind and weather of October hits you! One warning sign you should look out for that the weather could be hazardous for your plumbing system is frost. If you see frost on your lawn or your outdoor decorations and pumpkins, beware of pipe damage! Overnight freezes can be damaging to yourcopper pipes or PEX pipes  and it is important to fix old, cracked pipes to make sure you don’t have a problem. Get your pipes inspected today and avoid frozen pipes this season.


Avoid a Bright Orange Drain Cleaning Disaster:

Carving pumpkins is a very popular pastime around Halloween but if you’re not careful, you could be paying a ton to fix the damage that pumpkin pulp and seeds can do to your plumbing system! When you carve pumpkins this season, make sure you dispose of the pumpkin insides in your garbage and NOT in your garbage disposal, drains or toilets. Pulp from a pumpkin can get caught on your disposer blades and cause malfunctioning. And it can cause messy back ups in your pipes as well! Keep fibrous, stringy foods, oils and other materials out of your garbage disposer today and you won’t need to worry about drain cleaning problems this season!


Avoid Scary Bills with Maintenance & Repairs

If your plumbing system isn’t working as efficiently as possible, or any comfort system in your home, you could be throwing serious money down the drain. When it comes to the proscar health and condition of your pipes, you could be wasting valuable money and water and energy could be leaking out every second of every day! It’s important to make sure that your pipes are in good condition to maximize their efficiency. Taking the time to perform necessary plumbing repairs and having a plumbing system tune up can make all of the difference in the long run and can improve your home’s water conservation and energy efficiency.


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Stay on top of the proscar health and efficiency of your plumbing system today during the holiday season – but if you have any problems at all, call Fulton Plumbing, your local trusted plumbing contractor for all of your drain cleaning, water heater,broken pipes, frozen pipes, leaky toilets and fixtures, loud plumbing noises and any other problems that you may have in your home!

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!

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