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Emergency Plumbing & Water Heater Installation

High Efficiency Toilets

Don’t flush money down the toilet with every trip to the bathroom. Save water with new low-flow toilets that are high on style, performance and water savings! The average toilet uses 3.5 gallons per flush. What a waste! Fulton Plumbing will be happy to come to your home or business and assess your current toilet fixture needs. We will provide you with a full and complete estimate for updating to new water-saving models that use fewer gallons per flush!

Toilet Sales, Installation & Repair

Toilet service from Fulton Plumbing of Atlanta includes toilet repair and toilet installation. We can help you with any size project, from fixing a leaky toilet to helping with a whole bathroom remodel. If you are choosing a new toilet, we have all the information you need including recommendations on the best performing toilet brands you can purchase. If you don’t know what you are looking for, we can help you find the right toilet, sink, and shower for your bathroom. We provide upfront estimates for toilet installation, and when you find the toilet you like, our qualified technicians will pick it up and install it for you!

Toilet Repair

Toilet service, like toilet repair, is something everyone tends to put off until it is an emergency. However, nothing ruins a weekend like an out-of-service or leaking toilet. Don’t believe the do-it-yourself shows when they say you can complete a toilet repair on your own in less than an hour. Even if your only toilet repair job is to replace the wax seal at the base of the bowl, it’s better to call Fulton Plumbing. If you have ever tried to lift a toilet and put it back on the bolts, you know what we are talking about. Save time and save money and call us today!

Toilet Installation

Toilet service is sometimes more cost efficient when it involves toilet replacement, especially when you figure the added savings of a new low flow toilet compared to old toilets which use much more water. If your toilet installation includes remodeling, you may have questions about style, comfort, quality, options for plumbing fixtures, and flushing capabilities. At Fulton Plumbing, our qualified Atlanta technicians know their products, where to find them, and how to install them into your home.

Sink Plumbing

Sink plumbing doesn’t just mean installing a new sink in the place where the old one was. A sink is much more personal than other fixtures in your home. A kitchen sink is where you cook and do your dishes. A bathroom sink is for brushing your teeth in the morning and washing your face at night. This makes a sink much more than a basin that holds water. A kitchen sink or a bathroom sink is a part of your life. A beautiful sink and faucets are wonderful compliments to any kitchen plumbing or bathroom plumbing. An old sink and worn out fixtures are a constant focus of aggravation and also an eyesore. At Fulton Plumbing, we understand sink plumbing begins with choosing the right sink and fixtures.

Choosing the Right Sink

Sink plumbing requires choosing a sink that will work in your space. This means picking the right material, color, and design for your sink. If your sink is part of a bigger remodel, sink installation is a decision you will be living with for a long time. That’s why at Fulton Plumbing, we encourage our clients to use our technicians and their knowledge to help them choose the right sink. If you are working with a design consultant, they can talk to you about style and price, but our qualified technicians can help you with fit, functionality and durability. Make sure the beautiful kitchen sink or bathroom sink you choose is also a long lasting one, and not just a trendy part of the room.

Sink Installation

Sink plumbing also includes sink installation. Our sink installation is a start-to-finish process. We remove the old sink and deliver and install the new one. We provide caulking as necessary and replace the supply lines, traps, and strainer. We can perform new faucet installation or re-install the existing one. We can even reconnect your existing garbage disposal or install a new one. We will test the lines for proper operation and also clean up to make sure your new bathroom sink or kitchen sink is ready to use right away.

Sink Manufacturers

Sink plumbing is only as good as the sink that is installed. Our expert team will install any sink you desire, but if you need a place to start, we will be happy to give you some recommendations. We will deliver the sink, faucet and other plumbing fixtures of your choice and install them in your home or business, all without making a mess.

Faucet Repair & Installation

Faucet repair and faucet installation look like easy projects if you watch the do-it-yourself shows, but have you ever noticed these shows are all sponsored by home improvement stores? They want to sell you products and it is in their best interest to make things look much easier than they really are. At Fulton Plumbing, we provide you with the expert localAtlanta  plumbing service and plumbing advice needed to complete the faucet installation of your choice, quick & easy! We don’t have any contracts with the fixture manufacturers – the only person we have a contract with is you!

Faucet Types

Faucet repair can simply be a matter of replacing old gaskets, o-rings, or corroded valve seats, but when you go to take a faucet apart, it may not be easy. This is because there are four types of faucets, and each requires different parts. Most people are familiar with compression faucets, which are outfitted with a handle that turns in order to block or unblock the flow of water, and relies on a rubber washer to prevent leaks. Faucet repair like this seems straightforward enough, but what about cartridge faucets, disk faucets, and ball faucets? The directions for faucet repair get more complicated with these kinds of faucets. In fact, if a faucet starts leaking and you attempt your own faucet repair, you may wind up stripping parts and doing more faucet damage than faucet repair. Especially if you have expensive designer faucets, why not call us for an estimate? We are experts at repairing bath valves, shower valves, and faucets. In fact, at Fulton Plumbing, we can repair almost any valve ever made! We’ll also let you know if it is a cheaper and better idea to replace the faucet completely. We’re not here for a quick buck, we want to make sure you feel taken care of and call us back for any future plumbing services you might need!

Faucet Installation

Faucet repair isn’t always possible. We also know when it is NOT cost effective to repair a faucet. There are always times when it is less expensive to replace faucets. New faucet installation may be necessary because of irreparable cracks in valve bodies or because your faucets are simply too worn to work properly anymore. Changing faucets and other plumbing fixtures can transform your kitchen or bath into an entirely new space. If you’re considering an entire bathroom or kitchen renovation, let us help! Our plumbing technicians are trained to have high attention to detail when installing sinks, showers, faucets, toilets – you name it. Stop fooling around with temporary repairs and give one of our qualified technicians a call for a quote on faucet repair and faucet installation today!

Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Garbage disposal repair and garbage disposal installation are also part of the professional plumbing services we offer at Fulton Plumbing in Atlanta. A garbage disposal is an incredibly convenient appliance to have in order to liquefy food remnants and wash them down the drain, instead of storing them in trash containers. They are a necessity for the food service industry and the best way to prevent the odor of food in garbage cans. Garbage disposals even work with your dishwasher and sink to prevent clogged drains from food that accidentally goes down the drain. At Fulton Plumbing, we install and repair all kinds of garbage disposals, from light residential models to heavy commercial foodservice disposers.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal repair is normally necessary when the undercutter disk becomes jammed, the hoses and seals start leaking, or if the impeller wears out. Fortunately, our qualified technicians can save your garbage disposal with garbage disposal repair in a lot of these cases. Garbage disposal repair is usually necessary when a garbage disposal is used in ways it was not intended to be. If you have a family, or in the case of a business, many employees, all kinds of things go through the garbage disposal accidentally and cause it to stop working. The main culprits are grease, large items, hard items, and fibrous foods like celery. If the flywheel is merely jammed, you may be able to perform a simple repair yourself, but anything else needs to be looked at by a professional plumber. If not, you may burn up the motor, and then you are looking at garbage disposal replacement. Once in a while, you may find that your garbage disposal won’t even turn on. When this happens, try resetting the little button located at the bottom of most garbage disposal units. Resetting the garbage disposal unit may solve your problem temporarily. However, if this happens frequently, it may be time to call Fulton Plumbing.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage disposal repair is always the first route to take, but if your disposal has gone beyond this point, we also offer garbage disposal installation. Garbage disposal repair and installation from Fulton Plumbing of Atlanta is fast and dependable. We have years of local plumbing experience that help us deliver the plumbing fixtures and services you need. We will never make a mess in your home when we perform garbage disposal repair. So, put down the broom handle and monkey wrench and gives us a call today for an estimate on any kind of garbage disposal service you may need.