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Stop Clogs with Simple Preventive Measures

A clogged drain remains one of the most commonWater going down a drain plumbing problems reported by residential and commercial plumbing customers in the Greater Atlanta area. All home owners hate the inconvenience created by a clogged drain, and they may try to avoid hiring a professional plumber to fix the problem.

The perceived simplicity of a clogged drain does encourage people to attempt to diagnose and cure this messy plumbing nightmare on their own, but results vary widely with the do-it-yourself approach to plumbing repair.

Before you encounter a nasty clog, heed this advice from experienced Atlanta plumbers: the number one way to unclog drains is to avoid clogs in the first place.

Here are some practical tips to help avoid clogged drains and reduce the need for some plumbing services or repairs:

  • Put solid waste such as grease, food and coffee grounds in the trash rather than down the drain.
  • Maintain sink strainers over your drains and clean them frequently.
  • Run cold water while chopping up waste in your garbage disposal to push chopped solids smoothly down through the pipes.
  • At least once a week, pour hot water down the drains to dissolve soap scum, grease and other organic materials.
  • Keep your entire plumbing system running smoothly by having water pipes, fixtures, water heaters and septic systemsinspected annually by a professional plumber.

By following these tips from your local plumbing company, you can reduce many instances that require a plumber’s help. Most common plumbing problems disappear with a steady dose of preventive plumbing maintenance. If problems do occur, avoid potential pipe damage by calling your local Atlanta plumbing professionals at Fulton Plumbing.

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