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Plumbing do’s and don’ts after a tornado hits in the Atlanta, GA area.

After the tornado hit in Moore, OK many of us reached out to help and also started looking around our own communities to make sure we are ready. In fact, Atlanta, Georgia’s risk of having a tornado touch down is higher than the state and national average. If a tornado does strike there are a couple things you can do to help prevent further damage to your Atlanta, GA home. If your home is hit by a tornado the first thing you need to do is concentrate on taking care of anyone who was injured and to help any neighbors who were hurt. But once the injured are taken care of and everyone is safe you can start to address the damage in your home. If the electric is not working do use a battery powered flashlight to survey your home for any structural damage. Don’t use a flame of any sort in case a gas pipe was damaged. While surveying your home if you smell gas you should immediately turn off the gas, open all the windows, and evacuate the home. Call the police, fire department, or gas company to report the gas leak and don’t return until you have been told it is safe. If you have a gas leak you will most likely need to call an experienced plumber like Fulton to come out and repair the lines. If you see any gushing water or visible leaks you will want to shut off the water valve. Again you will need to call a plumber like Fulton Plumbing. If you don’t notice any visible leaks keep an...
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