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HVAC Air Leak Testing & Sealing for Your Atlanta, GA Home

Imagine if every time your Atlanta, GA HVAC unit was running, a little bit of the cooled or heated air escaped through a leak in your ductwork.  No big deal right?  Oh wait, it just happened again… and again, and again… Leaking ductwork in your Atlanta, GAhome could actually be costing you a lot of money.  Your HVAC system works hard to cool or heat your home depending on the temperature outdoors, and every time that conditioned air is lost through a leak, your HVAC unit has to do more work.  When your HVAC unit  does more work, it uses more energy, and when it uses more energy, your utility bill goes up, up, up! No worries though, Fulton Services  has the answer to this annoying little problem:  get your HVAC ductwork tested for air leaks and sealed! Step 1:  An expert HVAC technician from Fulton Services will come out to yourAtlanta home and seal up all your vents except one.  Then, he’ll push 50 pounds of pressurized air through the ductwork.  The HVAC technician measures the pressure that comes through the unsealed vent.  If pressure has been lost, there is a leak! Step 2:  The HVAC technician seals up all the leaks in the ductwork. Step 3:  You enjoy greater efficiency and more comfortable living areas!  You will no longer have to pay for cooled or heated air that is lost through ductwork leaks!  The rooms of your home will also get the proper amount of heating and cooling! At Fulton Services we’re always looking for ways to save our customers money on their utility bills.  With greater...
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