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Horrifying Furnace Noises in Atlanta, GA

During Halloween, scary movies are on TV; people decorate their commercial and residential properties to look haunted; and so much more! While this is quite fun, it can make some of us paranoid at every sound our home makes if we end up home alone. Thankfully, the friendly technicians at Fulton Services  are here to help you track down some of those sounds and make them stop—at least, if they’re coming from your furnace. Your home’s furnace is often “out of sight; out of mind,” so it’s easy to forget that it needs regular maintenance and check-ups. Here is a list of a few sounds and what they might mean. If your furnace starts making a whining or vibrating noise, call Fulton Services immediately for a diagnosis. Clanging noises are probably more from your pipes than the furnace. The sound can result from pipes cooling down when the furnace shuts off. If your furnace makes a rattling sound when it shuts off, you’re probably hearing the metal components of the furnace cooling down; however, you should have a technician verify that nothing serious is wrong with the unit. When you first turn on your heating unit during cold weather, you may hear a loud boom or thud coming from your ducts. You could have dirty burners in the furnace, but a licensed technician can examine these and offer tips for resolution. It’s important to let a technician examine the unit in case your gas valve is defective or a more serious problem arises. Screeching noises generally come from the motor. Older models use a belt and pulley system that...
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