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Leaving town? Don’t leave the plumbing in your Atlanta, Georgia home

If you are planning to leave your Atlanta, Georgia home for an extended period of time during the colder winter months, or if you have a vacant property, it is important that you take some reasonable measures to protect the plumbing in your home. Frozen pipes are not unheard of in Atlanta, Georgia. And as the weather continues to surprise us, freezing temperatures are becoming more common. There are some simple steps you should take toprevent your pipes from freezing so that when you return you won’t come home-sweet-home to a not- so- sweet surprise. How do pipes freeze? When water reaches temperatures of 32°F or below it freezes. When water freezes it expands. When water freezes inside a pipe it pushes against the wall of the pipe with some pretty impressive force. If the pipe is weak then the pipe or the pipe seals can leak, fracture, break, or burst. If there is a continued supply of water to the pipe it can dump hundreds of gallons of water in as little as an hour. Imagine coming home to that disaster and water bill! The average insurance claim for water damage from a pipe burst is 15,000 dollars. A frozen pipe in Atlanta, Georgia may seem like a bad punch line to a joke, but is isn’t funny when it happens to you. How to prevent your pipes from freezing when you leave home When you are going to leave home for an extended period of time during the winter months, more specifically January and February, make sure you leave your thermostat set no lower than 55 degrees. This...
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