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Get a New Ductless Mini-Split in Atlanta, GA, and ditch that space heater

At Fulton Services in Atlanta, GA, our plumbing and heating technicians are really hoping we don’t hear anything on the news this winter about house fires that were started by space heaters, but chances are we will.  Space heaters are notorious fire hazards, but people drag them out every year to provide additional heat in drafty rooms and areas that just aren’t cozy-warm enough.  The problem with space heaters is simple:  they are dangerous.  You can’t keep them near anything flammable (chemicals, bedding, furniture, curtains), and space heaters that run on propane or kerosene have been known to give off harmful (and potentially deadly) carbon monoxide.  To keep your family and pets safe, you must use your space heater wisely, or, better yet, purchase an alternative heating method. So, you’re probably wondering how you can avoid using a dangerous space heater and still have the warm, cozy home you’re after.  The expert HVAC technicians,  at Fulton Services have the solution to the space heater problem:  say goodbye to the old space heater and get a ductless mini-split installed in your Atlanta area home.  A ductless mini-split can be mounted on a wall or suspended from a ceiling, and it blows air directly into a single room. Some of the Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits: They are efficient & reliable. They can both heat & cool. They can be operated by remote control. You can choose if you want them installed on the wall or ceiling. They are quiet, so they are an excellent option for bedrooms. At Fulton Services, plumbing, heating and air conditioning are our specialties.  We strive to find the best...
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