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How Geothermal heat pumps in the Atlanta area work

Winter is slowly approaching and many homeowners in Atlanta, GA are starting to think about getting their heating systems in order. Some will simply need to call for a heating system tune up others might be seriously thinking about replacing their heating system. If you do need to replace your heating system you should consider looking into the advantages of a heat pump, specifically a geothermal heat pump. For thousands of years human beings have been using the natural heating and cooling properties of the earth to cool and heat their dwelling spaces. Shade, caves, water, and wind have all been harnessed to effectively heat or cool living spaces. With our advanced technologies we are now able to better harnesses the heating and cooling properties of the earth using heat pumps. There are different kinds of heat pumps that depend on water, air, or earth. The most popular heat pumps are those that use air and earth. The most effective and efficient type of heat pump is the geothermal heat pumps. Geothermal heat pumps draw warm air from the ground to heat the home during the winter, and push warm air from the home into the ground to cool the home. The air is transferred through a pipe that is either filled with water or antifreeze. Similarly, an air source heat pump extracts heat from the air in the winter and pushes it through the house. In the summer it pulls hot air from the home and pushes it outside to keep the home cool. But because of the drastic temperature difference between the air temperature inside and outside...
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