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Fulton Plumbing Offers Peace of Mind Protection for 2013!

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For most things in life, your health, your car, your bank account… they take maintenance to stay in good shape. Your plumbing system is no different. Plumbing emergencies happen more than you’d like to think! Don’t you want to be protected and reassured that when they do you have a dependable, efficient company to help you out? Performing preventative maintenance checks biannually or annually is a great way to ensure the buy antibiotics online health and safety of your system. A maintenance inspection can alert you of minor repairs to fix before they turn into major costly repairs or product replacements. They can also give you a warning of the lifespan of your current plumbing products, like your water heater or your pipe system, so you can plan ahead for necessary updates needed.

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Our Program is designed to reduce you plumbing costs and increase the safety of your home. With our Plumbing Peace of Mind Protection Program, we proudly offer the following services and every day benefits:

  • Safety for Your Family and Your Home:  Your Fulton plumbing technicians will routinely and thoroughly inspect your accessible plumbing system and diagnose potential problems before they become costly emergencies.
  • Emergency Safeguards:  Our caring master plumbers will place emergency cutoff tags on your incoming water service valve and hot water heater in case an emergency situation presents itself.
  • Savings! Savings! Savings!  You will be automatically linked to Fulton exclusive Value Rate Packaging which consists of a 15% savings on the TOTAL COST (including materials AND labor!) of all of your plumbing service needs for the length of your program.
  • Priority Scheduling:  You will be qualified for Priority/Preferred Service status 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for ALL of your plumbing needs.
  • Guaranteed Pricing:  Any problems found in routine inspections will immediately be brought to your attention and we will present to you in writing EXACT PRICING INFORMATION on all recommended repairs, and if and when approved, we will complete them at your convenience.

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You will be set on maintenance and plumbing services for as long as you’d like to be! You can rest assured that pesky plumbing problems won’t get in the way of the more important things in life. If you look at the bigger picture, it is one of the best purchases you can make to keep your home in the best possible shape it can be. Our plumbing technicians will always be available to give you helpful advice and tips if you should ever have questions. At Fulton Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we strive to make your life easier and more convenient…and this is one of the best ways that we can do it!

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